Jiangxi Dexin Textile Co., Ltd. 1 million combed textile project is situated in West Section, Industrial Park, De'an County, Jiujiang City, where enjoys convenient transportation, beautiful environment, perfect facility, and strong atmosphere of humanism. The total investment is 3 billion Yuan RMB. The floor area is about 1,000mu. The first-stage 300,000 spindles of combed textile project (300mu) was put into operation in August 2012. After the completion of the project, we can offer more than 4,000 jobs.

The company adheres to people-oriented development concept. It owns clean workshop, advanced equipment such as the most advanced spun yarn vehicle by German technologies, the most advanced full-automatic winding machine. The company strives to reduce operative difficulty index, reduce  work load, increase efficiency of labor, improve product quality by enhancing degree of automation and adopting the most advanced siro-spinning technologies. Moreover, the company is equipped with advanced temperature control equipment to keep comfortable working environment. Based on stable product quality, fixed  collectivized sales model, our yarn products are preferred by customer for long-term period.

The company has established dining hall, bathhouse, supermarket, fitness park, ball park, cinema, KTV, and other facilities. Each room is equipped with air conditioner, independent toilet.

Add: Deqing Road, West Section, Industrial Park, De'an County, Jiangxi, China

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